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About us


Agro-Shelef Ltd. Was established in 2011 in the Negev (Israeli Desert) in order to face the difficulties in the Negev, high temperature and low humidity means a lot of pest and diseases, so we started to look for solutions that not only safe to use and effective, but also that will work in extreme temperature, and will be safe to the plant.

Our first and leading product "TAMAR-TECH" The prototype development started in 2008 in “Shelef Agricultural Laboratory”.

The R&D processes included emulsification of different vegetable oils, sprays it on infected plants and learn about the activity of every oil separately and combined with other oils, knowing that every plant holds active ingredients for self-protection that is used by us for pest-control utilities. After a long process of research and development, we are proud to say that we have succeeded to evolve a non-poisonous, sustainable and effective product that has a very wide range of activity and No less important - cost effective for the grower.

TAMAR-TECH is based on fresh emulsion that preserves all the beneficial ingredients of the vegetable oils and at the same time prevents phyto-toxic incidents to the treated plants.

TAMAR-TECH's pest-control abilities are equal and even better than conventional harmful pesticides

As a result, Tamar-Tech sold over 220,000 liters in Israel alone since 2011.


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Almog Yaish
Founder and
Marketing Manager

I was born and raised in Ein-Habsor, a community of farmers in the western-negev and always witnessed the difficulties of agriculture and the great solution that rise from these difficulties - solutions that made the Israeli agriculture that it is today.
My family established several agro-businesses: Storage and distribution of inputs, Liquid fertilizer distribution, Import&Export.
I have a BA degree in technology marketing.
Since 2011 I deal with R&D, production and marketing of bio-pesticides in Agro-Shelef Ltd.

Uri Yaffe
Founder and
R&D Manager

As a former of “Shelef Agricultural Laboratory” - A family business providing growers support, Agricultural laboratory services and R&D services for agriculture (Est.1988), I was always familiar with the tough side of crop-protection by testing dozens of different pesticides from prototype stage to final market stage.
This made me think outside of the box to find new and friendly solutions for pest control.
Specializes in bio-pesticide R&D and production since 2005.
R&D director in Agro shelef Ltd. Since 2011.

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