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Agriculture Today

Chemicals Getting less and less effective 

Pests continue to develop resistance to various pesticides. It is a serious and a growing problem Worldwide, more than 600 species of pests has developed some level of pesticide resistance.

Chemicals Getting out 

Pesticide ban increases every year due to public health issues and environmental concerns such as CCD and contamination of water resources.

therefor most of the country's, are taking out from the list of approved pesticide, dangerous but been used chemicals molecules.

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Zero/low pesticide residue demands 

The growing demands from the end user for safe and healthy food, making the retailers bring new standards to the farmer, most of the time, higher than the official country demands. 

Looking for solutions 

The farmers are left out with less and less effective pesticides, fewer products, higher standards, they will seek and try any new product/solution that is available and might be helpful.

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