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A pest control emulsion that is driven from food grade ingredients

  • Tamar Tech Organic Registered in the Israeli ministry of agriculture and on market since 2012

  • GrowSafe EPA Approved – by fifra 25b

  • GrowSafe OMRI  Listed® for organic use

 Modes of action:

  • Physical mode: Coating and suffocating 

  • Phyto-chemical mode: Oilseeds naturally contain self-defense mechanism that we extract and use it for plant protection elements (Pest-control & Repellants)

Israeli market 

We have supplied more than 220K liters of Tamar-Tech.

That means 36K Acres were treated with Tamar-Tech (instead of chemical pesticide).

To keep this in perspective: there are about 22K acres of greenhouses and net houses in Israel total

Our unique way  


  • Pests develop resistance to Conventional pesticide

  • Pests cannot develop resistance to Tamar-Tech

Therefore we offer our clients a different approach:

  • Consecutive applications of Tamar-Tech

  • Lowering the farmer workload by Replacing the usage of numerous chemical pesticides 

  • Maintain a pest-free plot

  • Positions our product as a center-pivot pesticide

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