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R&D Products


Katit is Agro-Shelef's version of "Summer-Oil". Summer-oils are based on petroleum but our Katit is based on vegetable oils which allows the growers to benefit these good characteristics: no toxicity, no phyto-toxisity, the ability to safely tank-mix with additional pesticides and basically apply with minimal or no limitations.

Katit is designated to penetrate the citrus market as well as the field crops such as cabbage, rapeseed, carrot etc.



The PLM Repelling abilities gives us a different approach to some pests - keep it away from the plant.

Pests develop unique abilities to avoid pesticides; some hide and reproduce in areas that cannot be properly reached with conventional sprayers, some develop resistance to certain pesticides.

By testing unique plant extracts for several years and learn about the repelling abilities of our formulations we came up with a product that will be able to repel some stubborn pests from the plot by spraying it every 5 to 10 days.

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